Dinner with International Friends: Curries & Pudding!

14 Dec

A friend from Singapore invited me and a few friends for dinner tonight. The food and the company were great. Even though I was very tired from running experiments all day I had a really good time. Since I moved to the UK I rarely get the chance to have proper homemade dinner with friends.

We had 4 different dishes served with rice. Two chicken based curries, a dhal curry, and a tomato-onion side dish. I was very surprised by the last one. Tomatoes in England taste terrible, or to be more precise, have no taste at all! This dish, however, was extremely tasty! My friend said that the secret is in the onions that should be cooked in really low heat for a long period of time. And here’s a pic of the food:



Lovely colours!

The dessert was a bread and butter pudding, a traditional british recipe. I’ve never heard of it before and I didn’t expect to like it as it has raisins. I rarely enjoy food with raisins as I find their texture disgusting. The pudding served with ice cream was delicious though! I might try making it at home soon. The recipe looks easy and simple. It smells great too!

Here’s a bad pic of the pudding:

bread and butter pudding

bread and butter pudding


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